Learn More About How Solar Panels Can Work for Your Texas Home

See how switching to solar can positively impact your prooperty.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Did you know the amount of sunlight that hits the planet in just an hour and a half’s time is enough to power the entire world for an entire year? What’s better is there is already a way to harness and use this energy. If you’re considering switching to solar energy, your first question may be, “how do solar panels work on a house?”

Our experts at Artisan Roofing & Solar are here to help answer all your questions, so you know exactly what to expect out of your new solar panels. For starters, solar panels help the environment. They can also work wonders on your heating and cooling bills, too. Ready to see how they do it? Read on to learn more from our local team!

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Switching to solar may seem like an overwhelming process, but it won’t be with the right experts on your side. At Artisan Roofing & Solar, we offer the best solar care and will be there as a key resource to troubleshoot along the way. For starters, let’s answer some of the biggest questions many property owners have about solar energy: 

  • What are solar panels? Solar panels are designed to absorb UV rays and transform it into an energy source for electricity and heating.
  • How does solar energy work? Basically, photovoltaic (PV) panels convert sunlight into electrical energy which can then be used to generate electricity or be stored for later use. To do this, photons, or particle of light, knock electrons free from the atoms, which in turn generates electricity.
  • How do solar panels work at night? Solar panels go into sleep mode at night, which means they are inactive and stop producing electricity. However, you can still use solar energy at night that has been stored in the panels throughout the day.

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